Baltimore Colts

After guiding the Dolphins offense to a 17-0 mark and Super Bowl Championship in 1972, Howard Schnellenberger was named the head coach of the Baltimore Colts for the 1973 season.

The Colts started slow in 1973, but did have a memorable upset of the Dolphins late in the season, finishing with two consecutive victories and a 4-10 record.

Baltimore got off to a 0-3 in 1974 start before Schnellenberger was fired following an argument with owner Robert Irsay about who should be playing quarterback – Marty Domres or Bert Jones. Irsay insisted Schnelleberger put Jones in, but Schnellenberger refused and was fired after the third game of the season.

In an interview years later, Schnellenberger said he planned to put Jones in, but changed his mind after Irsay demanded Jones enter the game