About Coach

Coach Howard Schnellenberger and his wife of 54 years, Beverlee SchnellenbergerLegendary Coach Howard Schnellenberger

Howard Schnellenberger learned his football tactics as a player for “Bear” Bryant and Blanton Collier at the University of Kentucky. He served as an assistant to Bryant at Alabama, moved on to pro ball as an assistant to George Allen (Rams) and Don Shula (Dolphins). He was head coach of the Baltimore Colts from 1973-74. He and his wife Beverlee have three sons: Stephen, Stuart and Tim. Stuart was a tight end/center on his father’s 1983 national championship team. Grandchildren are Teather Ann, Joey and Marcus.

Howard Schnellenberger Career Highlights

Personal Information

  • Birth date: March 16, 1934
  • Hometown: Louisville, KY
  • Education: 1956, University of Kentucky
  • Marital Status: Wife Beverlee
  • Children: Stephen, Stuart and Tim
  • Grandchildren: Teather Ann ( Former Miami Dolphin Cheerleader), Joey and Marcus

Howard Schnellenberger Career Notes and Highlights

  • Years As Football Coach: 54 (27 Years as Head Coach)
  • Collegiate Record: 158-151-3
  • At Miami: 41-16
  • At Louisville: 54-56-2
  • At Oklahoma: 5-5-1
  • At Florida Atlantic: 58-74

Bowl Games

His Miami teams defeated Virginia Tech and Nebraska in the Peach Bowl and Orange Bowl, respectively. At Louisville, he led the Cardinals to wins over Alabama (34-7) in the Fiesta Bowl and over Michigan State (18-7) in the Liberty Bowl. Overall, he has been part of nine bowl games.

  • Bowl Record: 6-0
  • 1980 Peach Bowl, beat Virginia Tech 20-10
  • 1983 Orange Bowl, beat Nebraska 31-30
  • 1990 Fiesta Bowl, beat Alabama 34-7
  • 1993 Liberty Bowl, beat Michigan State 18-7
  • 2007 New Orleans Bowl, beat Memphis 44-27
  • 2008 Motor City Bowl, beat Central Michigan 24-21

For the National Title

Howard Schnellenberger has been part of four collegiate national championships. His 1983 Miami Hurricanes won that school’s first title, defeating Nebraska in the 50th Anniversary Orange Bowl. He was offensive coordinator for Paul “Bear” Bryant at Alabama, when the Crimson tide won championships in 1961, 1964 and 1965. He is one of only 10 active collegiate head coaches who have won a national title.

Schnellenberger and the Pros

In addition, Schnellenberger has also been part of seven NFL playoff teams and was part of two Super Bowl championship staffs. He helped the 1972 Miami Dolphins to the NFL’s only undefeated (17-0) season. Schnellenberger has recruited and/or coached several current and former pros such as quarterbacks Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde, Browning Nagle, and Jeff Brohm, and stars such as Michael Irvin, Brian and Bennie Blades, offensive tackles Bruce Armstrong and Jerry Crafts; fullback Carwell Gardner; wide receiver Earnest Givins; defensive end Joe Johnson, a first-round draft pick for the New Orleans Saints; defensive tackle Ted Washington; cornerback Ray Buchanan; defensive tackle Mike Flores. Schnellenberger’s former offensive coordinator, Gary Stevens, and defensive coordinator, Tom Olivadotti, had similar roles in the NFL. Three of his former assistants were on the staff of the Dallas Cowboys during their rise to consecutive Super Bowl titles.

Selection of recruits, style of play, and practice regimes have helped more than 80 players, recruited by Coach Schnellenberger’s staff to play in the NFL and other professional football leagues.

*Ten players recruited by Coach Schnellenberger’s staffs were first selection of their pro team.

*At least one player who was recruited or coached by Coach Schnellenberger has played in one of 14 Super Bowls.

Players recruited by Howard Schnellenberger and his assistant while at he University of Miami and the University of Louisville who were on NFL rosters for at least one season.

  • Carwell Gardner RB Buffalo Bills
  • Jerry Crafts OL Buffalo Bills
  • Robert “Speedy Neal RB Buffalo Bills
  • Eddie Brown WR Cincinnati Bengals 1st Round (13)
  • Rocky Belk WR Cleveland Browns
  • Scott Nicolas LB Cleveland Browns
  • Gregg Rakoczy OC Cleveland Browns
  • Vinny Testaverde QB Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Tampa Buccaneers 1st Round (1)
  • Alan Campos LB Dallas Cowboys
  • Willie Lee Broughton DE Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Raiders, Indianapolis Colts
  • Alonzo Highsmith RB Dallas Cowboys 1st Round (3), Houston Oilers
  • Michael Irvin WR Dallas Cowboys 1st Round (11)
  • Alfredo Roberts TE Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Randy Shannon LB Dallas Cowboys
  • Rodney Bellinger DB Atlanta Falcons
  • Browning Nagle QB Atlanta Falcons 2nd Round (1), New York Jets
  • Melvin Bratton RB Denver Broncos
  • Mark Cooper OT Denver Broncos
  • Ted Washington DT Denver Broncos 1st Round (25), San Francisco 49ers
  • Bennie Blades DB Detroit Lions
  • Leon Evans DE Detroit Lions
  • Don bailey OC Indianapolis Colts
  • Albert Bentley RB Indianapolis Colts
  • Danny Miller PK Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, New England Patriots
  • Bubba McDowell DB Houston Oilers
  • Aaron Bailey WR Indianapolis Colts
  • Resco Clark DB Indianapolis Colts
  • Ray Buchanan DB Indianapolis Colts
  • Deral Boykin DB Los Angeles Rams
  • Jay Brophy DB Miami Dolphins
  • John Bock OL Miami Dolphins
  • Sam Madison CB Miami Dolphins
  • Mark Sander LB Miami Dolphins
  • Bernie Kosar QB Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns 1st Selection
  • Scott Nicolas LB Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns
  • Darrell Fullerton DB Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Ronnie Lippett DB New England Patriots
  • Fred Marion DB New England Patriots
  • Bruce Armstrong OL New England Patriots
  • Lester Williams DL New England Patriots 1st Round (27)
  • Glenn Dennison TE New York Jets
  • Joe Johnson DE New Orleans Saints 1st Round (13)
  • Brett Perriman WR New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions
  • Ralph Dawkins RB New Orleans Saints
  • Jim Hanna DT New Orleans Saints
  • Joe Kohlbrand DE New Orleans Saints
  • Reggie Sutton DB New Orleans Saints
  • Jerome Brown DT Philadelphia Eagles 1st Round (9)
  • Mike Flores DE Philadelphia Eagles
  • David Ackers PK Philadelphia Eagles & SF 49ers
  • Matt Patchan OT Philadelphia Eagles
  • Danny Stubbs DE Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys
  • Rick Tuten PK Philadelphia Eagles
  • Warren Williams RB Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Tony Chickillo DT San Diego Chargers
  • Fred Robinson DE San Diego Chargers
  • John Turner DB San Diego Chargers
  • Kevin Fagan DT San Francisco 49ers
  • Tom Cavallo LB San Francisco 49ers
  • Klaus Wilmsmeyer PK San Francisco 49ers
  • Jeff Brohm QB San Diego Chargers
  • Brian Blades WR Seattle seahawks
  • Julio Cortes DE Seattle Seahawks
  • John McVeigh DE Seattle Seahawks
  • David Heffernan OL Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Tyrrus McCloud LB Baltimore Ravens
  • Winston Moss LB Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Keith Griffin RB Washington Redskins
  • Jaime Asher TE Washington Redskins
  • Roman Olsen OL New York Giants
  • Terry Rice Lockett LB Los Angeles Raiders
  • Rusty Smith QB Tennessee Titans (1st FAU player selected in the NFL Draft)
  • Rob Housler TE Arizona Cardinals
  • Alfred Morris RB Washington Redskins
  • Lester Jean WR Houston Texans
  • Mike Lockley DE Montreal Alouettes